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Dr oz detox diet is a diet plan that has been proven to help you getting your dream weight. So it is safe to do!

The Rules Of Dr Oz 7 Day Diet!

22 Jan 2017

There are many tips and tricks of dr oz that you can have to help losing your weight. Those tricks and tips will not only help you to get your ideal weight but also will help you to stay healthy all the time. Dr oz 7 day diet can be your best choice to start your diet program. This diet will also detoxify your body from harmful toxins. You may not realize that foods that you consume every day can bring some certain harmful toxins inside the body. Many people have less consideration about the foods that they have every day.  They always think about the delicacy of the food first than the nutrition of the foods. Some of them even cannot stop eating when they find their favorite food. Because of their eating habit, many people have the problem of their weight.

Today many people become more realize that obesity is not really good for their health. Overweight or obesity can be the trigger of some serious health problems such as blood pressure or diabetes.  And dr oz detox can be the best preventive way having obesity and also can maintain the health of your body.  dr oz 7 day diet meal plan can help you losing more than 10 pounds in a week without hunger.

Follow these rules of dr oz 7 day diet to lose pounds of your weight and will still keep your body healthy.

Taking dr oz diet plan really needs full commitment follow the rules totally to get success diet. The first rule that you have to do is change your breakfast menus. For breakfast you should have whole grain cereals, such as oatmeal. You can add the oatmeal with fresh fruits, such as fresh berries, sliced melon, peaches and also pears. And then for your lunch, prepare a large salad. You can have a vegetable bean soup or other vegetables – based soup. Make sure that you choose only broth – based soup not cream – based. You can have a piece of fruits for dessert in your lunch menu.

To success your diet, the key is to eat   more amount of foods that contain high micronutrient and smaller amount of low micronutrient.  Foods that are rich in micronutrients include whole grain cereals, oatmeal and brown rice. Low micronutrient foods can be refined carb, white bread, white potatoes and animal products. Eat or enjoy fruits and vegetables as much as you like for this diet.

For your dinner you should use protein as a garnish than as your main course. You can have a hard – boiled eggs sliced on top of bed of vegetables or you can consider having shredded chicken mixed with bok choy, Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts.  For your dinner dessert you can have pure fruit sorbet such as strawberry sorbet that is made of frozen strawberries and pineapple or you can have other fruits. Drinking plenty of water and juice are the best drink to have for dr oz 7 day diet.

, dr oz 7 day diet to lose pounds

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